The most Amazing Sunset

Carved in the rocks, Oia is one of the most beautiful cities that you ever been. You are gonna be amazed.

The beauty of Oia is unsurpassed. In fact, it is almost impossible to describe in words. Small white houses tier the hillside, interspersed by splashes of rich okra, deep fuchsia, cobalt blue, oyster pink and earthy red. Smooth winding paths interconnect, interrupted now and then by a small church, and at every corner there is something new to discover.

Oia is one of the most photographed places in Greece, if not the world. It has inspired artists, poets and every visitor who visits Santorini. Oia is best known for breathtaking sunsets; if truth be told, sunrise in Oia is also magical.

Tour Details

Duration: 3 Hours Tour

Group Tour

Pick up from: Airport, Athinios Port, Hotels, the Cable Car (for cruise passengers)

Transfer: With luxury Mercedes mini bus

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